“Reuse and commonality is the key to a robust and sustainable cislunar tourism enterprise.”
– Old Klingon Proverb
This technical paper will reveal how to create and maintain a space and lunar tourism company that will attract the attention of a large number of millionaire thrillseekers worldwide. It calls for utilizing modernday technology and materials to update old designs, including the space shuttle and orbital and cislunar vehicles, with all vehicles refurbished and reused that ensures lowcost operations as the core doctrine. Variants of the primary orbital spacecraft will be used for different phases of spaceflight operations, such as orbital transfer and lunar excursions. An Earth orbital space station will house a crew and tourists, be the hub of sciencerelated activities, and prepare transports for flights to the lunar surface. A Moon base will be set up for an additional set of crew and tourists and be the center of exploration and other sciencerelated activities. The lunar outpost will mine the regolith for oxygen to be converted into liquid form for use as the oxidizer in lunar lander rocket engines. No space program will ever be successful unless and until cryogenic propellant replenishment of orbital and lunar vehicles becomes safe and routine, further reducing the cost of spaceflight operations, and allowing more individuals to experience the thrill and beauty of the universe from on high. The most intriguing part of this paper is our idea for crowdfunding our endeavors, which allows the inclusion of a larger segment of the population in the dream of becoming space entrepreneurs and profiting from the responsible exploitation of our adventures in outer space.