“Anyone who sits on top of the largest hydrogen-oxygen fueled system in the world, knowing they’re going to light the bottom, and doesn’t get a little worried, does not fully understand the situation.”
– John Young



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03.1. Architecture

03.1.1. Airframe

03.1.2. Powerplant

03.2. Payload Launch Equations

03.2.1. Orbital Parameters

03.2.2. Bingo Sites

03.3. Cargo Hold

03.3.1. VentureStar Cargo Containers

03.4. Command and Control

03.4.1. Ferry Mode Ferry Support Aircraft

03.4.2. Passenger Mode VentureStar Escape Module (VEM) VEM Architecture VEM Ejection Sequence

03.5. VentureStar Lifetime

03.5.1. Disposal