We will be in businesses not to make an obscene amount of money, but to go into space; it's as simple as that. If we can make just enough money to pay the bills, then we will be considered a successful space tourism enterprise.

The company will never become public, and we will never buy back shares to increase prices to make even more money.

Labor Unions will not only be allowed, but encouraged.

It is important to always treat employees like the gold–making machines that they are. In addition to a very competitive salary, they will enjoy basically free health care. The medical insurance alone will be world–class. Employees will be able to visit a doctor and get any procedure done with no out of pocket cost.

We will therefore have many applicants for every job that we will post.

Upper management will still make their huge salaries, but will never make any more than that.

We will not pay federal or state taxes, which seems antithetical to a progressive cause. However, we will accomplish this the old fashion way: by reinvesting in the business instead of contributing to politicians to enact favorable tax legislation.

Our business would thrive in a Star Trekian environment, where the pursuit of money is not a priority. By taking the worries that only money can solve away from employees, we believe that the company will flourish and grow and become a beacon of how other companies should conduct their internal business affairs.